(Science of Sex, Satisfaction and Fertility)

vector icon of male and female gender depicting vajikarana chikitsa ayurveda treatment

Vajikaran Chikitsa is the branch of Ashtanga Ayurveda, which deals with all types of Physical, and Psychological Sexual problems like Impotence, Libido, Poor Erection and Early Ejaculation in Males and Sterility, Frigidity in Females.

Shukra is honoured as the Supreme body tissue, end product of body metabolism. Therefore, for Sexual Satisfaction, for Strength-Expressing performance and for better Progeny, the Shukra Dhatu should be in good state, and for this, the Dhatu chain should persistently function well. This is where Vajikarana Drugs (Aphrodisiacs) come into play. They help in giving Strength and Vigor to the Shukra Dhatu and in the long run to the body.

Vajikarana basically comprises of Three Components — A Disciplined Life Style, Conditional Sexual Act basing itself upon the assumption that Sex is for better reproduction and not only for Pleasure, and lastly, The use of Vajikarana Drugs (Aphrodisiac Medicinal Formulations) to achieve these Sexual Goals.

All the procedures and programmes have been tried and tested for maximum results and zero side effects.