Ayurveda Beauty Therapies

a women having herbal face mask

A thing of beauty is a Joy forever... “It is not Fancy Hair, Gold Jewellery, or Fine Clothes that make you beautiful. Beauty comes from within and it begins the moment one feel Confident, Truthful, Kind & Persistent. Ayurveda emphasises to be beautiful both from inside & the outside and is a result of being healthy altogether from the Body, Mind, Soul and the Senses.

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Faulty Diets, Changed Sleeping Patterns, Unwanted Stress, Ever increasing Pollution, Over usage of Cosmetics etc are contributing to the increase in Skin & Hair Problems. Our face is the window on to our soul and it represents all our emotions and our ultimate capacity. Hence it is essential to have healthy even toned skin and strong hair.

We @ Vardhan Ayurveda Hospitals provide the best of Beauty Therapies of the Skin & the Hair. We recommend regular weekly treatments of facials with herbs and oils specifically blended to treat your condition and to achieve clear even toned skin for the Healthy and also for those suffering with Acne, Blemishes, Wrinkles, Sun Tan and Skin Discolorations. Similarly Hair Treatments are also necessary for all to maintain strong healthy locks of hair. These Hair Treatments further help you to get rid of Hair Fall, Greying of Hair, Dandruff & other Scalp & Hair Conditions

a women having head massage


(Ayurveda Facial Care Treatments)

Duration - 60 – 90 Minutes

These are the Speciality Treatments done on the Face which includes Detailed Massage of the Face in synchronized manner stimulating the specific points on the face called Marma Points. They promote Blood Circulation; Cleansing of the Face; Detoxifying & Rejuvenating the Skin; Tighten the Skin; Eliminate the Dark Circles, Acne, Wrinkles, Blemishes; Makes the Skin Soft & Glowing and thus Prevents the Process of Aging etc. We use Chemical Free, Natural, and Toxin Free; Immune-enhancing & Time tested researched natural products of our own.

  • Mukha Lepanam - A gentle face massage approximately for 15 minutes with Herbal Creams or Oils followed by gentle Steam is given to open the pores and then suitable Herbal Face Pack dissolved in Rose Water is applied over the face. It smoothens & revitalizes the skin, improves complexion, delays ageing process, lifts and firms the skin and is suitable for all skin types.
  • Ayurveda Facials – According to the Skin Type, purpose of the treatment various Medicinal Herbs, Herbal Extracts, Fresh Fruits, Honey & Milk and other specially prepared Natural Products are applied as a Face Pack. The carefully planned out Face Care Treatments ensure that the skin glows naturally & is wrinkle free.

a women having herbal massaging on head hairs


(Ayurveda Hair Care Treatments)

Duration - 60 – 90 Minutes

These are the Speciality Treatments done on the Scalp & to the Hair which includes detailed Massage of the Scalp with Warm Oil infused with Hair vitalizing herbs. It lubricates & Conditions the Scalp; Enhances the Blood Circulation; Straightens, Softens the roots of the Hair; Improves Hair Resilience; Relieves Migraine & other Headaches; Replenishes, Rejuvenates & Relaxes the Nervous System; Reduces the Stress & the Anxiety; Gives Sound Sleep; Promotes the growth of the Hair; Improves Concentration etc. They are done with Herbal Oils, Pastes & Powders.