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Rasayana Therapy is The Science of Rejuvenation & Longevity. In Therapeutic process ‘Rasa’ is concerned with the Conservation, Transformation, and Revitalization of Energy. Rasayana Purifies, Nurtures and Revitalizes the constituent elements of the Body, Mind and Psyche with a series of Customized Therapies, Herbal Preparations, Vital Breathing Practices, Dietary Guidelines, and Daily Living recommendations. Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital is presently re-researching this age old Elixir of Youth and Ancient Indian Science of Rejuvenation, Longevity. Rasayana Therapy if used judiciously, according to the Subject's Prakruthi (Constitution), Agni (Metabolism and Digestion), Sathmya (Adaptability), Bala (Resistance to Disease), and Achara (Habits), can offer immense health benefits.