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  • I have experienced the best of the massages at Dr Vardhan’s Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, basheerbagh, hyderabad. I am touched by the care, concern and respect shown by the doctor and his experienced & good-natured therapists. May god bless him and his team."


  • I have been suffering with severe sciatica with electric shock kind of pain and numbness running down my left lower limb since 6 years. Before coming to Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital, I took almost all the therapies including yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture, and acupressure but instead my pain started to increase day after day and in the other limb also I started to experience the pain, discomfort and numbness. One of my business colleagues told me about Dr. Vardhan’s specialized approach towards sciatica and spinal care.
    After 6 weeks of meru chikitsa (which is ayurvedic neuro therapy) & ayurveda panchakarma therapy as suggested by him I am very comfortable, active, and agile and back to work. I am totally cured of my symptoms and my problems. Thanks to dr. Vardhan and his dedicated team of therapists without whom I would never have attained good health and the positive outlook again in my life. I salute him for his immense knowledge in the field of ayurveda and I wish him all the success in his future endeavors."


  • I have had severe neck pain for several years from herniated discs. I have tried physical therapy, chiropractic, bed rest, nsaid’s; but doctor’s have finally advised surgery and said no any guarantee of getting back to normalcy. I could never get the problem resolved until I found dr. Vardhan & Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital! I am pain free now. Thank u all."


  • I was having chronic low back pain with sciatica for over 1 year now. The pain was debilitating, radiating to my left lower leg and is even affecting my professional, personal and sexual life. When I was almost in a depressive state of mind I was referred to Dr. Vardhan. Thank you vardhan ayurveda hospital, the staff and everybody involved in getting me & my 'back' to 'life'."


  • I was not able to do any of my daily tasks. Bathing and cleaning my kitchen floor was nearly impossible. I was unable to walk more than 100 yards and had difficulty standing for even very short periods of time. Also my back pain as a result of disc prolapse was starting to affect my ability to get good night’s sleep. A neuro surgeon gave me the options of surgery, taking drugs to control the pain, or simply living with the pain. The constant pain and sleeplessness drove me to do some research on the net and found dr. Vardhan and his institute vardhan ayurveda hospital. I decided that this could be the final option for me. I am felling so much better now, I am stronger and have even been able to plant flowers in my yard for the first time in years. I am satisfied with the treatments, thank you doctor and the staff."


  • I am extremely thankful to Dr. Madhuri and the staff of Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital and am indebted to them for making me disease free from the severe psoriasis disease. I have had this skin problem on the scalp, elbows, knees, buttock, back of the ear etc and there used to be severe itching especially in the nights. I was vexed of using allopathic lotions, ointments etc with cure at a longer distance. I was told about the doctor by a friend of mine; visited Hyderabad took panchakarma sessions and is happy now. Thank you doctor very much - from the bottom of the heart."


  • I was a ‘headache’ person from my teenage and after my first delivery I ended up into a ‘migraine’ person completely. I used to have severe piercing, sudden onset pain continuing for days with changes in my balance and also vision. I have suffered for years and finally after coming to Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital & undergoing the specialist treatments from Dr. Vardhan & Dr madhuri am I surviving from the pain and am free from it completely now. The staff was excellent and co-operative. My best wishes to all of them.  "


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