Urticaria is a skin condition which causes an outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps or plaques on the skin. Urticaria is also known as Hives. It occurs mostly on face, neck, arms and legs. The hives intensity ranges from mild to severe and can be chronic. Red bumps are itchy as the body comes in contact with the allergen and it releases a protein called Histamine. This protein triggers the symptoms of Hives by leaking into blood vessels and causes swelling with a burning sensation.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Urticaria in Hyderabad

Types of Urticaria:

Based on the longevity of the symptoms, Hives can classify into two types:

(a) Acute Urticaria: It is the case of Hives which lasts less than or up to 6 weeks. It can also be seen disappearing within days. The common causes of Acute Urticaria are medications, food, latex or infections. Other diseases and insect bites can also be the reason sometimes. When an allergen reacts with the body, it triggers the symptoms of Hives.

(b) Chronic Urticaria: It lasts more than six weeks. The cause of chronic urticaria is challenging to find and to cure. It can cause due to other internal diseases. Chronic hives are very uncomfortable and interfere with everyday activities.

Symptoms of Urticaria



Red or skin coloured Welts

Painful swelling

Congestion of eyes


Hives can be triggered by:





Alcohol or smoke

Food Allergies (dairy products, peanut, shellfish, fresh berries, chocolates)

Tight clothing and woollen clothes

Viral Infection

Pet Dander

Insect Bites

AYURVEDA Treatment for Urticaria

Ayurvedic Treatment For Urticaria in Hyderabad

The ancient Indian treatment popularly known as Ayurveda is the process to cure diseases with natural therapies and Ayurvedic medicines. With two decades of excellence in Indian ayurvedic treatment across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we at Vardhan Ayurvedic Hospital have been serving more than four Lakh patients till now. It is our solemn responsibility to continue forward the Ayurveda, which has been a pride of Indian treatment.

Our skin has an internal relationship with the glands and the veins, and any abnormalities cause a reaction on the skin surface resulting in skin diseases. The Ayurveda treatment starts with the measure to cease the on-going aggregation of the dosha in the body, as the digestive system targeted at first for eliminating impurities by implementing appropriate dosha diet.

Abhyanga: This is the technique to nourish your skin tissues. Special herbal oils are used to massage the skin in Abhyanga.

Swedana: It is an excellent stream treatment.

Nasya: It is an ayurvedic treatment for Heat therapies of forehead and face.

Dough Basti: An ancient ayurvedic treatment of using medicated oils in the centre of dough.

Anuvasana Basti: Medicated oil enema used for toning the colon and the nervous system; it also removes excess vata in the body. It is one of the primary therapies of Panchakarma.

With the Ayurveda treatment and proper diet, this condition can cure. Ayurveda treatments are relaxing and rejuvenating by cleansing inner and outer impurities in the body.

“Panchakarma treatment is a journey of relaxation and purification.”


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