Leucoderma is a skin color disorder that affects 2% of the world population. It is a condition where the destruction of melanocytes causes white skin. Reduction in melanin cells which are responsible for skin color causes white patches and spots on the body. Leucoderma without any other diseases is known as VITILIGO. It might not be a contagious, dangerous or painful disease but, often leaves skin disfigured causing emotional and psychological stress. It gradually spreads over the entire body if not taken proper care.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucoderma in Hyderabad

Leucoderma appears before aging of 40. The most affected area of the body due to vitiligo is sun-exposed tops such as hands and face. Hyper-pigmented regions of the body such as the groin, nipples, genitalia, and axilla are also affected. Pigment loss can affect most of the surface of your skin.

Causes of Vitiligo

Hereditary factors

Emotional stress


Physical illness

Few diseases: Pernicious anemia, Addison’s disease, diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism

Symptoms of Vitiligo

Discoloration or Spots of white to pink color tend to appear on the skin. Mostly sun-exposed areas on the body such as Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, and Legs are affected. Scaling is visible if the affected surface is scratched. Itching may be present on the spots. If not taken care of the triggers of the vitiligo, it might be spreading all over the body and cause an itching sensation.

AYURVEDA Treatment for Leucoderma

The ancient Indian treatment popularly known as Ayurveda is the process to cure diseases with natural therapies and Ayurvedic medicines. With two decades of excellence in Indian ayurvedic treatment across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we at Vardhan Ayurvedic Hospital have been serving more than four Lakh patients till now. It is our solemn responsibility to continue forward the Ayurveda, which has been a pride of Indian treatment.

Our skin has an internal relationship with the glands and the veins, and any abnormalities cause a reaction on the skin surface resulting in skin diseases. The Ayurveda treatment starts with the measure to cease the on-going aggregation of the dosha in the body, as the digestive system targeted at first for eliminating impurities by implementing appropriate dosha diet. The following Herbs used in the treatment of the leucoderma.

Khadira: This herb proves to be useful in the treatment of Leucoderma. The rasa of Khadira is astringent and bitter. It is cold and pungent; thus it is best for Kapha and Pitta Dosha. Khadira constituents mainly for the regeneration of liver cells and provide anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Vernonia: This purple fleabane proves useful for vitiligo. It is bitter, warm and pungent.

Vakuchi: This herb is also known as Bakuchi or Karpkarishi. It has pungent and biter rasa. Application of the oil extracted from this herb improves melanin cells and declines patches. As stimulation of the cells leads them to form and releases pigment which gradually diffuses into discolored areas.

With proper diet and Ayurveda treatment, patches can be regaining their color at a particular time. For the elimination of ama and dosha, herbal remedies are effective.

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