Cervical Myelopathy is the compression on the Cervical Spinal cord. It is a neck condition that occurs when the cervical spinal cord is damaged or pressurized. It even happens with changes in the spine as we age. The spinal cord carries nerve impulse to every part of the body. The pressure on the cervical root nerve can affect bodily functioning. It is a common degenerative condition that needs to be taken care of with great care.

Causes of Cervical Myelopathy

Spinal cord compression may occur as we age.

Symptoms of Cervical Myelopathy

Pain in the cervical rot nerve area

Radiculopathy signs

Numbness in the arm and hand

Severe pain in the shoulders

Weakness in the body

Low functioning of neck moment

Diagnosis of Cervical Myelopathy

Ayurvedic diagnosis of this problem will be related to Greevastambha, Bhrama, and Bahushosha.

AYURVEDA Treatment for Cervical Myelopathy

Age-related Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy is due to compression or dysfunction of the spinal cord. Various non-surgical treatments are enabled in Ayurveda to cure Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy. As per the symptoms and the age, Panchakarma procedures and selected ayurvedic medicines used in the treatment.

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