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back pain treatment in ayurveda

Nobody deserves to live with back pain or go through various methods of treatment, which often do not address the real problem.

Even a usual misconception among people is associating back pain as a sign of aging. However, this is not true as back pain can affect any age group as it is caused due to a number of reasons. In short, back pain refers to the pain that emerges at the upper, middle or lower portions of the back. The location and position of the pain are dependent on numerous factors such as age of the individual, medical condition, physical condition of the body and so on. The exact root cause for the pain has to be diagnosed accurately for a speedy recovery. Therefore, Ayurveda is the best treatment for healing the disease.

back pain relif tretment in ayurveda

Ayurveda states that back pain is usually as a result of unhealthy diet and bad posture resulting in lack of muscle flexibility and severe pain in lower, middle and upper back Pain is associated with ligament injuries, spinal disc problems, injuries, fractures and sprains as well as pelvic inflammatory disease. Ayurveda treatment uses massage, herbs, diet and systematic relaxation to get rid of the pain. This treatment approach comes with a number of amazing benefits.

The advantages of Ayurvedic cures have been demonstrated over hundreds of years of utilization and are as valuable today as they were back in the time. Ayurveda offers various cures that can help in adjusting your problems and contribute towards your general wellbeing and solid.

Counted among the leading hospital for offering the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Hyderabad, we at Vardhan’s Hospital offers an extensive treatment for back pain for post-surgical back Pain and pre and post pregnancy back pain problems or, anything related to it. Back pain has several risk factors and a chain of problems can arise if the trouble remains persistent. Back pain can occur due to several factors like anxiety, depression, stress, aging and several other physical problems.

lower back pain tretment

Since our inception, we have been successful in achieving our goal of providing the best ayurvedic treatment to optimize human function and movement and maximize potential. We cater to the needs of more than 200+ patients a day with care for each patient tailored for individual needs. Over a span of last decade, we have treated more than 50,000 patients successfully! According to Ayurveda, absence of disease is not enough to indicate good health. True health refers to wellness of body as well as mind.

The Ayurvedic treatments for Spine Care offered at Vardhan’s Hospital are strictly based on this principle. The Ayurvedic treatments are designed in such a way that one feels tremendous mental satisfaction along with relief of physical ailments. The overall experience is very professional and therapeutic, making Vardhan’s Hospital offerings as the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Hyderabad.

None of our therapies or treatments uses any sort of artificial products or chemicals. We believe and we follow only Natural remedies. Our experienced and professional ayurvedic experts will ensure that you receive optimal care in a comfortable sitting as we undergo strict adherence to scientific Ayurvedic principles and practice.

Through the strong base that had been created by the ancestors, Vardhan’s Hospital has also developed various Herbal products, dietary supplements and herbal skin care, hair care & beauty care products. Vardhan’s Hospital has itself kept abreast in treating the back pain patients with modern technological advancements and blending them with the basic principles of Ayurveda.

Whether you need help managing chronic back pain, suffer from arthritis of the spine, or present with a sports-related injury, we want to help relieve your pain and restore your body with our best ayurvedic treatment to a higher level of performance.

So, don’t get yourself under the burden of heave medicines, opt for the best Ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad.

10 Natural Treatments for Lower Back Pain

lower back pain tretment

Are you constantly suffering from lower back pain? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many of us find ourselves sidelined by a back injury at some point and, if you're reading this, chances are high that you're currently suffering from the frustrating discomfort. For fast relief from lower back pain — and to prevent it altogether — some doctors might advise the following natural cures.

You should check with your own doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet or supplement intake. That said, keeping these easy lower back pain remedies handy. They just might help you feel better quicker the next time you're hit with a painful backache.

Get out of bed slowly in the morning.

Make sure you're getting all your workout

Soothe back pain with wintergreen oil.

Invest in a few pairs of supportive shoes.

Recline at your desk for your spine’s sake.

Use your mind to relieve lower back pain with meditation.

Carefully apply heat to relax your muscles.

Nourish the nerves in your back with fish.

Try sipping green tea to heal back pain.

Stock up on walnuts to help stop stiffness.

" Ayurveda is the best approach for a successful treatment of back pain without surgery. "


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