In Sanskrit Asthma means “SVASA ROGA.” Asthma is a chronic condition in which inflammation causes the bronchial tubes to swell and narrow the airway passages of lungs. This airway inflammation might be ranging from mild to life-threatening. Asthma is a condition where a person can die instantaneously. In conventional terms, “Difficulty in breathing is due to the allergic reaction triggered in the lungs.” Mostly, Asthma is the combination of Genetic and environmental factors.

The genetic way of acquiring Asthma is possible when either of your parents or any of your maternal or paternal families has the same condition. Environmental factors include Air pollution and allergies. Generally, air flows from your nose through the small airway passages and fills up the lungs with oxygen. When an allergy trigger in the air passage, it gets difficult in pumping the air. It results in the Asthma “attack.”

Causes of Asthma


Air pollution


Symptoms of Asthma

Shortness of breath

Severe Chest pain

Throat pain

Heavy coughing or wheezing

Particular Triggers of Asthma

Irritants in Air: Cigarette Smoke, Strong Odour, and Chemical Fumes

Allergens: Fur, Pollen, Mold Spores, pet dander, Dust Mites, Food Allergy(Peanut butter, Lemons, Oranges, Watermelons, sugary food, alcohol, few dairy products), these may vary from person to person.

Cold Air or Sudden Temperature change

Excess Physical Activities

Emotions: Crying, Heavy Laughing, Anger, Shouting, Fear and Tension may trigger asthma.

Treatment for Asthma

Even there might be 100’s of triggers for asthma, in some cases asthma flares up without warning. Taking regular medication and staying away from allergies is the best way. In Ayurveda, we provide the best cure for Asthma. Firstly, the prevention is done by following specific health measures to make bronchi less reactive and decline future attacks.

A person with Asthma needs to follow the proper diet and to make lifestyle changes for controlling asthma attacks. The primary treatment for asthma includes PanchaKarma. It cleanses the body and eliminates the impurities. For the people who might not be healthy enough to have the PanchaKarma procedure, associative Palliative treatment is provided in Ayurveda.

The ancient Indian treatment popularly known as Ayurveda is the process to cure diseases with natural therapies and Ayurvedic medicines. With two decades of excellence in Indian ayurvedic treatment across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, we at Vardhan Ayurvedic Hospital have been serving more than four Lakh patients till now. It is our solemn responsibility to continue forward the Ayurveda, which has been a pride of Indian treatment.


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