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Spondylosis & Ayurveda

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The SPINE is an Engineering Marvel, which carries the Human Frame, the Shoulder Girdles with its Hanging Limbs, the Rib Cage, and the Pelvis and, via many Suspensory Ligaments, the Internal Organs. The Large Weight Bearing Capacity of the Spine comes from four antagonistic curves, which allows for Resiliency and Flexibility.
The Spine alone has over 1000 Ligaments to links the Vertebrae and act as pulleys; 134 Articulations form the Bio-Mechanic of the Spinal Column. Between Vertebrae there are 23 Shock Absorbers or Spacing Discs that, for Size and Weight, can bear more weight Per Square Inch than any Metal known to humankind, while allowing Three-Dimensional Movements.
The Spinal Cord runs the length of the Spine and is a channel made of Neurological Tissues that processes information to and from the brain. It links the Brain to the Body and is the Information Highway of the Body. The Cord lies at the Core of Our Being and is where the opposing currents of Prana and Apana Flow. In Good Health, The Spine and the Spinal Cord are interlinked to one another; When the Spine moves, so does the Spinal Cord and Meninges. In short, the “Neuro Spinal System” formed by the Spine, Spinal Cord and Meninges is the “Health Key Board” of the Human Body.
Human Body is constantly abused in Modern Life by Irregular Eating; Excessive Sitting, getting in and out of Cars, Lifting Heavy Weights, Over Exercise and or No Exercise and Insidious Repetitive Stresses. In a due course of Time Abuse ends up into Abnormality and Constant Wear and Tear leads to Abnormal Wear and Tear on the Cartilage and Bones of the Neck and the Lower Back causing Terrible and Debilitating Neck Pains & Back Pains.


Spondylosis is a term referring to Degenerative Osteoarthritis of the Joints between the Centre of the Spinal Vertebrae and / or Neural Foraminae. The Vertebrae begin to deteriorate losing their Bone Density and form Bony Spurs. The Bony Spurs grow into the Nerve Canal and can apply Pressure to the Nerve Root. Less frequently the Bony Spurs can grow into the Spinal Canal and put Pressure on the Spinal Cord itself.

Incidence of Spondylosis:

It affects almost all the people starting at about an Age of 45 and above. Women appear 3 Times more affected than Men. The higher impact on Women is brought on by the Calcium Deficiency many experience as they enter their Pre & Post-Menopausal Stages of Life. But, in Today’s Life Style, Spondylosis is affecting everyone beyond the Age Group if they have any of the following Risk Factors:

  • • Being Overweight and Not Exercising
  • • Having a job that requires Heavy Lifting or a Lot of Bending and Twisting;
  • • Past Neck or Back (Spinal) Injury; Past Spine Surgery
  • • Ruptured or Slipped Disc
  • • Severe Arthritis and Small Fractures to the Spine from Osteoporosis etc.

Pathophysiology of Spondylosis:

Spondylosis is in short is the Progressive Degeneration of the Spine. To compound the problem the Degeneration of the Vertebrae also reduces the Blood Supply to the Inter Vertebral Disc. As the blood supply from the beds of the vertebrae is reduced the Osmotic Property of the Disc Changes which decreases in Water Content leading to Loss of Disc Height and the Ability to Expand. Irregularities occur on the end Plate of the Vertebrae and the Disc begins to Atrophy. Losing its Water Content, the Disc Tissue Hardens and due to constant rubbing and Friction, the Facet Joints experience increased pressure, they also begin to degenerate and develop Arthritis, similar to the Hip or Knee Joint. The Cartilage that covers and protects the joints wears away. If the Cartilage wears away completely, it can result in Bone Rubbing on Bone. To make up for the Lost Cartilage, your body may respond by Growing New Bone in your facet joints to help support the Vertebrae. Over time, this Bone Overgrowth — called Bone Spurs or the Osteophytes — may narrow the space for the Nerves to pass through.
People are many times X – Rayed, but the resulting impression will be Normal because the Under lying Disease Progression cannot be seen or Analysed by any X Ray or MRI or Any Test with Latest Technology. Spondylosis will not show up on regular X rays and it may appear completely normal so some physicians will not suspect this as a diagnosis and may say the Pain is Psychosomatic.
When U have Pain and all the Tests are Normal doesn’t mean that you are healthy; it means that the Disease is in Formation – Ayurveda Understands this Minute Change or Deviation in the Body, Hence has the Best Answers in Treating all the Chronic Ailments at the Multi Cellular Level from the Gross Roots.
As the Degeneration progresses though, between the Bony Spurs and the Loss of Disc Height, the Nerves and Spinal Cord become impinged causing a Range of Symptoms. When Disc Ruptures or the Nerve gets compressed the

Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis:

CS is caused by Chronic Wear and Tear on the Cervical Spine and is the Degeneration of the Joints in the Neck. C1 – C7 Mainly C4C5; C5C6; C6C7 get affected. Usually Symptoms often develop slowly over Time, but they may start or get worse suddenly. The Pain may be Mild, or it can be deep and so severe that you are unable to move your Head Sideways.

Three Stages of Symptoms:

1.Cervical Radiculopathy:

includes Headaches in the Neck and back of the Head; Pain, Tingling, Numbness, Electric Sensations and Burning Sensations radiating into the Shoulders, Arms and Fingers; Tight Muscles and Spasms in the Shoulders, between the Shoulder Blades and Upper Back. Severe Pain, T & N @ back of the Ear, Eyes, Nose, Mouth and Mandibular Regions etc. (Severe Shoulder Pain)

2.Cervical Myelopathy:

It impacts the Spinal Cord and is associated with the Loss of Motor Skills necessary for things requiring some coordination such as Knitting, Writing, Painting, Counting Money etc. Symptoms include – Difficulty Moving the Head; Wasting and Weakness of small and big Muscles of the Neck; Reeling Sensation; Loss of Balance Inability to bear the Head Weight etc.

3.Cervical Axial Joint Pain:

Axial pain is confined to the Neck Area only Symptoms includes Mechanical Arthritis Neck Pain making it painful for the neck to be in some positions for prolonged periods of time; Facet syndrome; Discogenic pain originating from the Deteriorating Disc.

Symptoms of Lumbar Spondylosis:

LS is caused by Chronic Wear and Tear on the Lumbar Spine and is the Degeneration of the Joints in the Lower Back. L1 – L5S1 Mainly L3L4; L4L5; & L5S1 get affected. The Pain may be Mild, or it can Moderate and or Severe that it makes you Cripple and Hampers the Quality of Life.

Three Stages of Symptoms:

1.Lumbar Radiculopathy:

includes – Pain, Tingling, Numbness, Electric Sensations and Burning Sensations radiating into the Buttocks, Back of the Thigh, Knee Joint, Calf Muscles, Leg, Fingers and the Toe; Tight Muscles and Spasms in the Calf Muscles called ‘Severe Leg Muscle Crampings’, Pain down the Groin into the Scrotum and the Penis; Pain in the Abdomen and the Umbilical Regions etc. (Sciatica Syndrome).

2.Lumbar Myelopathy:

Symptoms include – Difficulty Walking; Inability to walk on the Toes; Wasting and Weakness of small and big Muscles of the Lower Back and the Thighs and Legs; Inability to bear the Body Weight; Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction; Loss of Balance etc.

3.Lumbar Axial Joint Pain:

Axial pain is confined to the Low Back Area only. Symptoms include – Mechanical Arthritis Low Back Pain making it painful for the Back to be in some positions of Sitting, Standing, Sleeping for prolonged periods of time; Facet syndrome; Discogenic pain originating from the Deteriorating Disc; Low back pain that gets worse with Activities like Sports etc.

Donot Neglect these Symptoms:

Weather it is Cervical or The Lumbar Spondylosis – if the Pain gets worse – after Standing or Sitting; at Night; when you Sneeze, Cough, or Laugh; when you bend the Neck backwards or walk more than a few yards; when you observe Urine or Motion Incontinence – Its time you should never Neglect but to come and meet a Spinal Specialist. If Spondylosis is neglected the Bony Spurs or the Osteophytes Overgrow, restricting the Neck and Back Mobility and ends up into the Total Fusion of two or more Vertebrae resulting Ankylosing Spondilitis – An Auto Immune Disorder.

Why Conventional Treatments Fail?

Bed Rest, Soft Collars, Lumbo Sacral Belts, Pain Killer Medicines; NSAID’s; Ice Pad; Heat Pad; Epidural Steroidal Shots – they all simply Numb the Pain and relieve the Symptoms of the Disease and not the Root Cause of the Disease. Vata Prakopa – which is the result of Asthi Dhathu Kshayam has to be clearly understood and Chikitsa Sutra has to be applied perfectly in order to get you out of the Vicious Pain Cycle and End your Troubling Pain.
Recent Research says that when Disc Ruptures or the Nerve gets compressed or Pinched there are certain Chemicals (TNF – Tumour Necrosing Factor Alpha) are released which causes Chemical Inflammation and Irritation leading to Pain, Inflammation and may also contribute to Disc Degeneration.
Prime Focus of Surgery is to cut the portion which is putting Pressure on the Nerve Root, Spine and the Spinal Cord – that is only the half of the work done. One should think of the Spinal Surgery in the Last Resort, when all other Non Surgical Treatments Fail to Relieve the Spinal Back Pain. Keep in mind – for Some – Surgery is the Cause behind the Spondylosis – THINK twice in getting Surgery Again.

Back Pain and Best of Ayurveda Panchakarma:

The Basic Aim of Ayurveda is to get U & UR Health as a whole back to Normal i.e. Swasthya – Sama Dosha, Sama Agni, Sama Dhathu and Sama Mala Kriya, Prasanna – Atma, Indriya & Manaha.
In order to achieve this basic Doctrine of Ayurveda – we give you the Specialized and Scientifically Prepared Medicines (from different Vanamoolikas) to Increase the Digestive Fire (AGNI) and thereby eliminate the Toxic overload and Waste (AMA) from the Body by subjecting you to various PANCHAKARMA PROCEDURES (Vamana, Virechana, Vasthi, Nasya & Raktha Mokshana) specifically Suiting you. MARMA CHIKITSA & MERU CHIKITSA for Rejuvenating the Spine and the Body as a whole. Brumhana Chikitsa, Dhathu Vardhaka Chikitsa, Kati Vasthi & Greeva Vasthi aim to reverse the Degenerative Cascade.
Ayurveda’s First Goal is to get past the Current Pain Symptoms & Second Goal is to help you to prevent next Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain Attack. (Once you have your first back pain attack; you are 4 times more likely to have a recurrence). It Reduces the Pain, Restores Mobility, Rejuvenates the Spinal Physiology; Strengthens the Back & Treats your Back completely without Surgery. Ayurveda prevents that back problem from returning tomorrow & it makes the Spine Stronger, more Flexible and more Injury – resistant. It heals you and Your Back Permanently & Holistically.


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