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Posts published in “Year: 2017”

Skin Diseases

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Skin Diseases: Ayurveda can bring back your skin to natural and beautiful Why do people get skin diseases? When the blood gets polluted due to accumulation of wastage inside the…

Spine & Arthritis

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Arthritis and Spine related problems are two of the commonly found Crippling diseases that affect people across the world. While Arthritis is a condition affecting people especially in the latter…

Spine & Sail Boat

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Have you ever seen a large SAILBOAT? Picture the Mast on the Boat. What is attached to it? RIGGINGS. Lots and lots of Riggings. If those Riggings are not there,…

Spondylosis & Ayurveda

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The SPINE is an Engineering Marvel, which carries the Human Frame, the Shoulder Girdles with its Hanging Limbs, the Rib Cage, and the Pelvis and, via many Suspensory Ligaments, the…

Spine affects Panchakoshas

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  The Spine is a complex network of interconnecting Bones, Nerves, Joints, Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments. This allows it the freedom to get engaged in Different Functions especially the Movements…

Disc Structure Degeneration

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What you should know about Disc Structure Degeneration: Causes of Back Pain: Inter Vertebral Discs are composed of a Supportive Outer Annulus Fibrosus, and a Gelatinous Inner Nucleus Pulposus. They…